Music Studio – Cthia Productions

James R. Bergsten

8 Brightwood Way

Danville, CA 94506-1915

(925) 838-4615
Fax (925) 743-0867


Our digital recording studio, inaptly named “Cthia Productions,” has been a work in progress since 1983.  It has moved over the years from California to Virginia to three different locations in northern California.

Its primary use is for project “electronic recording/mixing” (in other words, there is no dedicated acoustic recording space).  It is primarily a very high-end private studio, consisting mostly of keyboard and MIDI modules, disk and tape recording systems, and dedicated effects.

There is a large collection of software and samples.

Because this is a private/personal studio, equipment hours are very low, and there has been no “manhandling.”  Almost all equipment and software were purchased new.

Last updated May 22, 2008.


Keyboards / Input Devices

Sequential Circuits T-8
DKI Synergy
Yamaha DX-7

Ensoniq SD-1

Yamaha CP-70

Hammond B3, Leslie 122

Nord Lead 2

Yamaha C7 Grand

Hartmann Neuron

Roland A-90

Roland VK-7

Korg CX-3

Roland V-Synth

Korg Oasys 88 (with all “extras”)

Kurzweil Expressionmate

Moog Piano Bar

Roland AX-7

Yamaha RX-5 (many cartridges)

Roland R-8 (many cartridges)

Yamaha MCS-2

Oberheim Strummer

Moog Etherwave Theremin

MIDI Modules

Emu Morpheus

Waldorf Wave

Roland JV-2080

Emu Procussion

Emu World

Emu Vintage Keys

Korg Wavestation SR (2)

Emu EX4T Turbo

Waldorf Q

Nord Lead 3

Novation Supernova SNova2XR

Novation Bass SBR-1

Novation Drum DRK-1

Emu Proteus Custom (2) – Orch. 1-3, Phatt, Beat, Techno, World, Xlead

Korg Triton Rack EXB-SCSI, EXB-MOSS EXB-PCM02 through EXB-PCM07

Roland XV-5080 SRX01-SRX04

Roland VP-9000 VP-Z-01 through VP-Z-04

Studio Electronics Omega 8

Emu Proteus 2500

Kurzweil 2500

Yamaha VL-1

Roland D-550

Korg Wavestation AD

Yamaha TX-816

Yamaha FS1-R

Korg TR Rack

Kurzweil RX-1000

Kurzweil SX-1000

Kurzweil HX-1000

Kurzweil GX-1000

Oberheim Matrix 6R

Oberheim Matrix 1000

Alesis DM Pro


Consoles / Recording Equipment / Mixers

Sony DMXR-100 (MADI, AES/EBU, Analog)

Digidesign Pro Tools HD-3 SE

Tascam MX-2424, IFAE-24 (2)

Tascam DA45HR

Alesis Masterlink

Panasonic DAT (2)

Mackie LM3204 (2)

Mackie LM3204E

Mackie Onyx 1220







Converters / Clocks

Euphonix 726

Digidesign 192io

Apogee AD8000SE, 8DA-SE, AMBUS-AES

Benchmark DAC-1

Aardvark SyncDA

Preamps / DI’s / Gates

Summit Audio TD-100 (2)

Avalon 2022

Drawmer Power Gates (2)

Gaines Audio -10/+4 converters (6)

Compressors / Limiters / EQ’s

UA 1176 (2)

UA LA-2A, Stereo Link Option (2)

Avalon 2055

Avalon 2044

Manley MassivePassive

Alesis Compressor (4)

Speakers / Amps

Genelec 1032A (5)

Genelec 1092A

JBL  (2)

dbx DriveRack Studio


Lexicon 960L, LARC-2

Eventide Orville / H8000

Voice Prism

Tech-21 SansAmp

Line 6 Pod

Line 6 Bass Pod

TC Electronics TC2290

Empirical Labs EL7

Empirical Labs Distressor (2)

Mesa Boogie

Yamaha SPX-90II (2)

Yamaha D1500 (2)

Aphex Aural Exciter

Delta Labs Effectron II


Yamaha R1000 (2)

Yamaha C2021

Yamaha REV-7

Computers / Software / Misc.

Intel PC’s (5)

Lynx AES-16 (4)

Apple Macs (2)

IBM Laptop


Cakewalk Sonar




Digidesign MIDI

Midimax Midiport 4x4 (4)

Miditemp PMM-88E (7)

Miditemp Multiplayer

Miditemp Controller

Kenton Wireless MIDI

MusicPad Pro

Jeanius Russian/Dragon

Samples / Sample Libraries

Vienna Symphonic Library