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DRS/RTSA / Xilinx

“I worked with Jim who was hired as a consultant to assist us with some issues we had encountered trying to communicate with a SCSI-based storage array with some newly designed hardware.  Jim has excellent knowledge of the SCSI protocol.  His experience in storage systems allowed us to debug various issues when we experienced support issues from the storage system vendor.  It was a pleasure working with Jim; his prompt and insightful responses saved a lot of time during our system debugging.  I would gladly work with him again in the future." July 11, 2011

Brett Matthews, Staff Design Engineer at Xilinx (client)


“I have worked with Jim on several projects over the last five years at NetApp and PMC-Sierra. His depth of knowledge of embedded and storage systems is excellent and his ability to see architectural challenges ahead of time helped guide product scope.  Personally, Jim brings a unique view to development and engineering.  His 30+ years of doing everything from detailed product architecture to running his own business has given him great insight. I look forward to working with Jim in the future.” June 7, 2011

Ben Manuto, Director of Software Development, PMC-Sierra (colleague and manager)

 “Jim has a superb knowledge of the SCSI protocol at implementation level. His expertise allowed him to deliver tangible results in a short period of time. Excellent capacity to assess requirements, very professional attitude and excellent teamwork.” June 12, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Carlos Ollé (client)

Storage Architect / Designer

Apeiron Data Systems

“I had the pleasure of working with Jim at Apeiron. He was responsible for developing the core driver software and helped architect the software / hardware structure for our product with our CTO. He has a number of years of storage experience which was invaluable in making decisions about the trade-offs between software and hardware. His experience with past drive technologies was extremely helpful when considering development alternatives. He also has a wonderful can-do attitude and works without direction. Once he has a rough definition of what is needed he independently works whatever hours are needed to get a working prototype. He is a hands-on engineer who writes software but is comfortable working directly on hardware as needed to test his code. From his prototypes the team was able to optimize the final architecture using a working model. He works hard to make sure his code was bug free and working upon delivery and was critical to system bring-up efforts with our actual systems. His code was always written in a way that facilitated our system debug. He was never in the critical path for our development. His documentation is always complete and his code is commented clearly - unusual for most developers. Jim is also a quick study when working on new operating systems and was able to develop driver versions for Centos, Suse, and Ubuntu when he was asked to. He is an inquisitive, thoughtful engineer who likes to see his work used in actual products. I would highly recommend him for driver development and working on software stacks relating to storage, particularly NVMe. Feel free to reach out if you have questions.”

September 27, 2017

Lee Harrison, CEO (manager)

“Bottom line, I’ve never worked with a more talented SW developer throughout my 35 or so years in technology.  Very grateful to have had the opportunity.”
April 2, 2017

Bob Hansen, Vice President of Solutions Architecture (colleague)

“Jim is in charge of the driver development for Apeiron’s NVMe storage products. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to storage, NVMe in particular, and writing high performance software in general. The main focus has been on the Linux driver and Jim architected his driver so that it is easy to port to other platforms such as VMware ESXi and Windows Server. He is also interested in exploring the next generation technologies and upcoming products and helping the company adopt such technologies. I would enjoy working with Jim again in the future..March 22, 2017

Dragos Harabor, Director of Storage Software at Apeiron Data Systems (colleague)


“I worked with Jim for approximately two years at NetApp. During that time he demonstrated superior technical leadership and a quick wit.  Jim was always fun to talk to, and not just on technical topics, and hence I was sorry to see him leave for other opportunities.” June 7, 2011

Radek Aster, Sr. Software Engineer, NetApp (colleague)

“Jim has great experience in the storage industry.  I worked with Jim at NetApp where he led the team in architecture and design.  He always provided useful insight to our challenges and suggested pertinent solutions.  Jim had a unique perspective, having built and sold a product from the ground up that helped round out the team.  Jim is easy to get along with and I enjoyed working with him.” June 7, 2011

Todd Mills, Senior Software Engineer, NetApp (colleague)

“Jim is a highly experienced storage professional with years of industry experience.  In his position at NetApp reporting to me, Jim was responsible for several different from-scratch storage subsystem development efforts in which he provided technical direction, directed the work of other members of the engineering team, and designed and wrote code of his own as well.  Jim knows the storage "universe" very well and can be counted on to have relevant knowledge and experience as a consultant to any project in that space.” June 6, 2011

Jon Buck, Senior Manager, NetApp (colleague and manager)

“Jim is a talented and creative Storage Software architect, engineer, and entrepreneur who knows storage inside and out.” June 7, 2011

Kurt Chan, Director Engineering, NetApp (colleague)

 “Jim understands system design from bottom to top and is capable of implementing systems from scratch. His experience and knowledge replaces organizational fear with organizational confidence that product goals are readily achievable.” June 14, 2011

Bob Clark, Eng. Manager, Hardware Architect, NetApp (colleague)

 “Jim's many years of experience in the storage industry have given him an exceptional breadth and depth of knowledge. That, combined with his system level thinking, attention to detail and business acumen makes him an outstanding contributor in both technical and managerial positions.” June 15, 2011

Bob Hansen, Technical Director, Storage, NetApp (colleague)


MSB Associates (California)

“Jim is a very capable technical consultant and has been a terrific asset in certain patent and technical litigation matters.” April 23, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Jerry Klein
hired Jim as a Technical consultant in 2006, and hired Jim more than once


TraxRx Corporation

“Jim is a spectacular technologist who is fully capable of new and inventive approaches to very difficult problems. He is extremely dedicated to his projects and is fully capable of functioning as a hands-on manager as well as a principal technical project leader. His business acumen enables him to stay focused on the key issues of any convoluted situation and enables him to also function well as a product development engineering executive.” April 23, 2008

Jorge Noa, Principal Consultant, Managing Director, Noa Consulting Services (Noaco)
worked with Jim at TraxRx Corporation


Ark Systems, Inc. (California)

“Jim is a detail-oriented systems engineer who was able to adapt to a new environment and become productive quickly. Jim is very knowledgeable about embedded systems and, specifically, storage subsystems. He's easy to work with and is trustworthy.” May 27, 2008

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Ben Manuto
hired Jim as a Software Development Consultant in 2006

 “Jim has successfully established two companies. At Kolinar, he both implemented and coded software products designed to run under VM/370. At Ark Jim mostly coded from scratch a PC operating system and applications which permitted all sorts of disk performance and reliability improvements. Kolinar was sold to another company and the software Jim developed at Ark was sold to a 3rd party. Jim had to leave Ark to support the Ark product. After over 30 years developing and fixing software, I can truly say that Jim is the most insightful and intelligent programmer I have ever met.” April 24, 2008

Bill Ehrman, Systems Engineer, Amdahl
worked directly with Jim at Ark Systems, Inc. (California)

Senior Director

LSI Logic Storage Systems / Engenio

“Jim is an extremely intelligent person and was able to do superhuman coding efforts in short time. IMHO, 5% of firmware developers create 70% of the work and Jim is one of those guys. Jim is also one that has long term vision and understands the market well.” April 23, 2008

Dave Mooney, VP Sales, Engenio Information Technologies
worked with Jim at Ark Systems, Inc. (California)

 “Jim is a brilliant technologist. He has a very broad technology understanding, ability to think out of the box, and has an amazing ability to quickly develop proof-of-concept and first pass software.” April 23, 2008

Gerard Meluso, Dir Strategic Development, LSI Corp
worked with Jim at Ark Systems, Inc. (California)

 “Jim is a creative entrepreneur who is able build a cohesive team and carry out a vision.” April 29, 2008

Anne Whiting, Learning & Organization Development Consultant, LSI Logic, Inc
worked with Jim at Ark Systems, Inc. (California)

 “I've had the pleasure of frequently working with Jim at LSI. In every instance, I've admired his creativity and persistence at designing product solutions that greatly enhanced the competitiveness of LSI's storage product portfolio.” April 24, 2008

Sharon Stluka, Storage Architect, LSI Logic Corp / Engenio Storage Group
worked directly with Jim at LSI Logic Storage Systems / Engenio


Ark Research

“I would like to recommend Jim Bergsten for any position requiring Technical leadership in the computer software field. This person’s depth of knowledge that goes way beyond that of a software engineer. In the past decade it has been my good fortune to work with Jim at more than one company. His leadership in the areas of computer software made my job easier. He was always available for consult whenever needed. And given his well rounded knowledge of computer systems it is like working alongside of a computer library.” April 30, 2008

Bill Nadzam, Principal Engineer, Manager of Firmware Development, LSI Logic Storage products
reported to Jim at LSI Logic Storage Systems / Engenio

 “As founder, Jim did the initial fundraising and product development. As president, Jim was the chief developer and hired and managed the development team. Jim has a rare combination of both business and computer sense. He would be a valuable asset to any venture.” April 24, 2008

Wilton Byrum, Software Developer, ARK Research
reported to Jim at Ark Research

“Jim is a very smart person with an extremely deep grasp of technology. His skills are unsurpassed in technical development and solutions analysis. His product and design skills have resulted in products that have no competition. On a personal level, I find him pleasant to work with and easy to talk to about technology.” April 23, 2008

Bob Lai, Product Marketing, LSI Corporation
worked with Jim at Ark Research

VP Engineering

Andor Systems

“Jim Bergsten was a Director of Engineering responsible for the development of Software and Firmware on the IBM 370 CPU. We worked closely together as our teams interfaced while debugging system level issues. Jim is a very technical leader, as capable as anyone I have ever met in terms of architectural and design level capabilities. His ability to work well with other team members helped to contribute to a successful design and implementation of the products developed. Jim was also very successful at interfacing at the senior management level and with our base of venture capitalists. I would certainly work with Jim Bergsten again in the future, given his ability to identify successful products needed by the industry and to lead a highly skilled team.” April 23, 2008

John Simmons, Firmware Engineering Manager, Andor Systems
worked indirectly for Jim at Ark Systems, Inc. (California)

 “Jim has a keen entrepreneurial vision and has always given me helpful and thoughtful answers on a variety of topics.” May 13, 2008

Lee Warner, Member of Technical Staff, Andor Systems
was with another company when working with Jim at Ark Systems, Inc. (California)


Kolinar / VM Systems Group

“Jim is both a creative programmer and a highly analytical thinker. At Kolinar he managed the technical and management ends of the business with equal aplomb -- and success. As an advocate for the users, I typically came to Jim with one of two things; a request for enhancement or a bug. With bugs, his intense pride of ownership in the software catalyzed him to fix problems faster than I've ever experienced with a software company before or since. As for suggestions, his metric, which I have used many times over the years, was "If I add this feature, will we sell more copies?" Faced with a problem or decision, Jim has the ability to absorb a huge amount of information and then rapidly synthesize and take action appropriately. Beyond his intellect, he is a funny guy which made for a comfortable work environment.” May 26, 2008

James Weissman, Director of Marketing, Kolinar Corporation
reported to Jim at Ark Systems, Inc. (California)

 “Jim is one of the few managers with a full perspective of the likely issues his team will encounter during software development projects. His knack for being there with guidance at the most appropriate time is uncanny, to say the least. He is also a detail oriented engineer who never overplays his role as a project leader; consequently, his team mates willingly do their best to reach project goals. Jim is an extremely well rounded senior executive and especially adept in "start-up" ventures.” May 16, 2008

Chuck Brown, Owner, CHBI
worked directly with Jim at Kolinar / VM Systems Group

“There are no stereotypes to describe Jim, a totally unique individual, for whom I would work for again. Jim is a first-principles thinker who is able to focus his startling intellect on any complex issue and reduce it to shreds. He is unfailingly humble and sincere for a person with so much deep insight into the world. He has an incredible attention to detail which results in everything he does being of an exceptionally high quality. He passed this ethic on to me in both word and deed and made me realize what it takes to produce a software product - versus a hack. Once he has thoroughly digested categorized and stored all detailed knowledge on a subject he puts a plan into action which is seen through to the end. Jim has tremendous insight into many diverse and interesting subjects. I have learned more about UK culture from Jim than growing up there. Some of my fondest memories are when I heard him play a note-perfect rendition of Genesis' Duke and when he took me along on a lunchtime excursion to buy a Fairlight.” April 29, 2008

Adrian Blakey, Director of Applications Development, Kolinar Corporation
reported to Jim at Kolinar / VM Systems Group

“I first met Jim Bergsten when VM Systems Group and Kolinar merged into one company. I was tasked with packing and moving the Kolinar assets from California to Virginia in just three weeks. As President and CEO of Kolinar, Jim was my main point of contact. He was intelligent, thoughtful, approachable, and very easy to work with during this daunting task. He was perceptive and supportive, knowing when to step in to help and when to step back and let me do my job. After merging the two companies, Jim brought his knowledge and expertise to the Board of Directors’ planning table and played a vital role in helping the company to expand sensibly and profitably. Not only were his technical skills stellar, but he thoughtfully reached out to peers and subordinates alike, allowing them input into the direction that Software Development should take, thereby enabling them to feel invested as stakeholders. This team-minded approach helped his Research and Development group identify and prioritize a variety of development projects, to help build a compelling roadmap, guiding the company to the next level and increased profitability. The quality and professionalism of his efforts coupled with his integrity were quite impressive. As I was just beginning my career in the software development field, Jim encouraged me (and others) to pursue more challenging, complex projects that helped us become better and more productive employees. If we weren’t living on opposite coasts, I would definitely find a way to work with Jim again.” April 24, 2008

Cheryl McNutt, Office Manager/Facilities Manager, VM Systems Group/Kolinar
worked with Jim at Kolinar / VM Systems Group

“Jim brought to VMSG a line of products that significantly improved the company's financial position as well as its recognition within the industry. He integrated well and brought with him and his colleagues professionalism, compassion, dedication, and humor. I have the highest respect for his intellect and propriety.” April 23, 2008

Tom Kumpf, Product Developer/Manager Product Development, VM Systems Group
worked indirectly for Jim at Kolinar / VM Systems Group

“As founder of Kolinar, Jim provided overall direction of the company while giving me full responsibility for sales and marketing. He made sure our software was technically excellent and got out the door on time and on budget. He is a creative, but disciplined thinker and manager.” April 23, 2008

Paul Davis, Director of Sales, SimpleSoft
reported to Jim at Kolinar / VM Systems Group

“Jim is the single best manager I have had in over three decades as a software engineer. He successfully herded some of the wildest cats ever gathered in a small company. In addition, he is one of the best code writers I ever met. I highly recommend him as a senior manager for any company who needs a smart, experienced leader.” April 22, 2008

Jim McMaster, Developer, VM Systems Group
reported to Jim at Kolinar / VM Systems Group


Storage Tech / STK

“I have worked with and bought multiple products from Jim. His breadth of knowledge on just about everything you can think of is thoroughly amazing. Basically, he gets it, and his track record of entrepreneurial success proves this out. His strengths are so numerous that they are difficult to list. A practical visionary with superior coding skills and the ability to close on projects that produce deliverables, a brilliant theoretician with the ability to solve difficult problems in seemingly non-complex ways, most importantly a nice guy who never seems to get angry regardless of how difficult the situation might be.” April 22, 2008

Mitch Sako, Engineering, STC Computer Research
worked directly with Jim at Ark Systems, Inc. (California)

IT Management


“In addition to his technical leadership, Jim is a distinguished business leader and innovator. His insights and opinions were frequently sought by senior management at Amdahl Corp as well as by many important commercial and government customers worldwide.” April 26, 2008

Tim Parker, Sr Manager, Strategic Development, Lockheed Martin
worked with Jim at Amdahl

“Jim provided me with many software advantages that I would not have had if it were not for him. He created great software products that we used at Amdahl as well as leading the IT group. Out of all those of whom I have worked with, if given a choice, I would work with Jim again.” April 25, 2008

Guy Waters, Sr Engineer, Amdahl Corp
worked with Jim at Amdahl

“Jim and I worked together in Amdahl's VM Support Team. Our responsibilities included consulting with customers over the phone or on-site. During this time I found Jim to be a highly talented and dependable engineer. He would be an asset to any organization that hires him.” April 23, 2008

Greg Payne, HQ Software Engineer, Amdahl
worked directly with Jim at Amdahl

“Jim and I were colleagues, both very interested in VM/SP - precursor to zVM. Jim Bergsten was one of the two most productive programmers I have known in my career. He would write 150K to 200K LOC of nearly perfect code a year.” April 23, 2008

John Alvord, Senior Software Engineer, Amdahl Corporation
worked with Jim at Amdahl

“Jim was a tremendous resource to Amdahl, a gifted individual, a pleasure to work and a professional with impeccable integrity. There would be no project that if he were intent to peruse – that he would not succeed.” April 23, 2008

Dan Burleson, Software Engineer, Amdahl
worked with Jim at Amdahl

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

EE, 1972 – 1976

“Jim is an innovative leader who is capable of managing and completing technical projects. His creative approach to problem solving is unique in the industry. He is a great and loyal friend and colleague.” April 23, 2008

Robert Hopkins, Director, Computer Center, The Cooper Union
was with another company when working with Jim at Ark Systems, Inc. (California)