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Below are links to both displayable and printable copies of my experience summary, résumé, technical achievements and experience, and a few other related materials.

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ATS Format Resume


Retired (April 2023 – present)

In-house Consultant to Intel (December 2019 – Marck 2023)

Intel Corporation
Working with various groups throughout the company on multiple projects, including security/cryptography, XR, Edge Computing, 5G, embedded systems, and DevOps.

Principal Consultant to Intel (November 2017 – October 2019)

Through Jared Hulbert Enterprises
Working with Intel’s Non-volatile Solutions Group (NSG) Marketing and Engineering. Annapurna Labs, and their major customers, acting as subject-matter expert, debugging, and developing firmware, tools, and tests to allow Intel to succeed bringing their Optane and NAND NVMe dual port drives to the enterprise marketplace.  Developed over eighty utilities, comprising over 100,000 lines of code.  Instrumental in defining and validating NVMe product advanced functionality, such as data protection (DIF/DIX/PI), multiple namespaces, logging, telemetry, and reservations.  Contributed to SPDK and internal code repositories.  Debugged and performance analysis using tools, Oakgate, and Teledyne LeCroy analyzers.

Vice President, Software Engineering (July 2014 – April 2017)
Consultant (May 2017 – September 2017)

Apeiron Data Systems (www.apeirondata.com)
“Industry’s highest performance scale-out NVMe™ platform, capable of networking thousands of standard NVMe solid state drives, providing hundreds of millions of I/O operations per second.  Server efficiency is improved 150%, response times are 70% faster and hardware footprint is reduced by 80%.  18.4M IOPS 1U enclosure, scales to petabytes, 3D XPoint™ technology ready” in Folsom California.

·         Co-inventor of the core intellectual property – two US Patents Issued/Approved.

·         Architect of host to enclosure/ and NVMe drive protocols.

·         Architect of sub-microsecond host-to-host protocol.

·         Responsible for all host-side software:
- Designer and author of Linux/Windows/ARTS device drivers > 50,000 LOC.
- HBA (host hardware interface) support.
- Transparent NVMe protocol support.
- HBA, enclosure, and drive configuration, firmware download, management, etc.

·         Designer and author of virtual volume and three-way mirror/replication.

·         Designer and author of performance measuring and reporting.

·         Author of fifty Linux shell command utilities supporting product management, configuration, diagnostics, debugging utilities, data integrity, and other tests.

·         NVM Express Organization Representative.

·         Member of Executive Staff

Other Experience:

·         Founder of two successful startups, both accretive acquisitions.

·         Developed, documented, tested and shipped several successful enterprise-class storage and development/debug productivity products.

·         Sole Inventor of fourteen Issued storage-related US Patents, co-Inventor of others.

·         Winner of several product quality and sales awards.

·         Designer and primary developer of three real-time operating systems.

·         Developer/owner of proprietary storage controller RTOS, used for bring-up, conformance and performance testing and debugging at Apeiron, LSI Logic / Engenio, NetApp, PMC Sierra, and SanDisk.  Available for use, license, or acquisition.

·         Developer of storage and network stacks, device drivers, TCP/IP, and upper layer protocols.

·         Hands-on experience with target and initiator NVMe, SCSI, SAS, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, SATA, PCIe, I2C, USB, and UFS protocols, writing emulators, protocol converters, debuggers, and drivers.

·         Consultant to LSI Logic / Engenio, NetApp, SanDisk, PMC, Intel.

·         Expert witness and Patent Prosecution consulting.

·         Author of several papers and documents.

·         Occasional technical and keynote speaker.

Summary (Word, PDF) Last updated March 2021

This one-page document summarizes my experience and accomplishments.  This is the best place to start if you want a quick overview.


Résumé (Word, PDF) Last updated March 2021

This is my résumé.  This document concentrates on my business experience.


Technical Achievements and Experience (Word, PDF) Updated March 2021

This document describes my technical experience.  It describes the products I have developed and lists my specific fields of expertise.


The Holy Grail of Storage

This is an article published by LSI Storage Systems that introduces my team and the product we developed.


ContinuStor™ Director Datasheet and Architecture

These links describe the product I architected, designed, and largely developed for Engenio.  These are large Postscript (PDF) files.


Unformatted List of Patents


Issued Patents

This link displays a list of my Issued U.S. Patents.  From that web page, you can view the contents of the Patents if you wish.


Pending Patents

This link displays a list of my Pending U.S. Patents.  From that web page, you can view the contents of the Patents if you wish.


Cthia Productions -- Music Studio

Equipment list and pictures of our project digital recording studio.

Ark Real Time System -- Technical Overview (Word, PDF)

This document was written in late 1999.  It describes the Ark Real Time Operating System (ARTS) that I designed and developed.  You can view it to get a feel for my technical writing style and the scope of the development.  This, and the following document were part of the materials widely distributed to interest potential acquirers in my company, thus they are not proprietary.


Ark Advanced Storage Controller -- Technical Overview (Word, PDF)

This document was also written in late 1999.  It describes the storage subsystem application that runs under ARTS.  The ARK and ContinuStor™ Director products were based on the technology described in this and the preceding document.
















References (Word, PDF) Updated September 2017

Ark Systems Presentations

Ark Systems Datasheet (PDF) (DOC)

Ark Systems Technology Overview Presentation (PDF)

Ark Systems Real Time Operating System Overview Presentation (PDF)

Ark Systems Storage Solutions Overview Presentation (PDF)

Ark Systems Sample Storage Applications Overview Presentation (DOC)


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